Maturing In The Wilds Of The Wild: White Fang By Jack London

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The classic novel White Fang is a story about a wolf growing and maturing in the wilds of the Canadian Yukon. It highlights the struggles of surviving and interacting with humans and others in the wolf pack.The author,Jack London was told to be ambitious and very daring,he also had little formal education as he came from a working class family.The Klondike gold rush spurred him to go north, he came back empty handed but was filled with ideas for his books one was White Fang was published he was a celebrity and was often in the news.His book was fiction, as it was told from a wolf’s perspective. The setting was in late 1800’s, starting in 1893, in the Canadian Yukon,and takes place in the forest and several camps and houses.The novel is mostly told through third person following White Fang. …show more content…

Other antagonists include Beauty Smith an atrocious man who puts White Fang in a dog fighting ring, the last antagonist is Jim Hall a murderous convict who has a vendetta for Judge Scott who sentenced him 50 years for the one crime he didn’t commit.The other influential characters are Grey Beaver White Fangs first owner,Kiche White Fang’s mother,and Weedon Scott the only person who White Fang actually cares

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