Max Fleisher : A Short Story

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The year was 2026, the time was 5:03 pm, it was 14-year-old, Max Fleisher’s 365th day stranded on a small patch of sand in the pacific. Right about now Max could remember the feeling of his mom rubbing her hands through his luscious, slightly gelled, curly, lengthy blonde hair, then, him staring down his little sister Mel with his piercing green eyes and him telling his father he loved him for the very last time. The miserable day crossed Max’s mind once again, the day he lost his whole family in one shot. Oh, what a dreadful day it was. The day he regretted his one birthday wish of going on a family boating trip on the Pacific, but not even brilliant little max could have thought such a wonderful birthday could have such a terrible twist. Approximately 1 year ago, today, Max and his mother, father, and 8-year-old sister Mel set sail on the family’s new boat to celebrate Max’s 13th birthday on the coast of the Pacific. For a while, it was nothing but laughs and smiles, cake was eaten, board games upon board games were played, Ice-cream was devoured, and presents were opened, the day could’ve even been considered perfect, up until a gray cloud appeared in the sky, one after another a patch of dark, gloomy, scary and awfully large clouds showed itself. This is when the old saying “don’t rain on my parade” maybe would’ve come in handy. Maybe if someone had said something close to that, something would’ve stopped that dreadful storm from pouring down, maybe it would’ve

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