May The Dragon Be With You Research Paper

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May The Dragon Be With You
I wanted to know if women in other countries have the same benefits that women here in the United States have in education, I have found a news article online that 100 Women: The jobs Chinese girls just can’t do. That in other countries have more women entering university than men. In China, the possibility that young girls can’t or shouldn’t do the same jobs as boys is passed on early. It’s a lesson that extends into university and beyond. The China Mining and Technology University is one of the China’s so-called “green card majors,” to be able to come to America, but the program has one clear entrance requirement; men only. Even the China’s education ministry bans girls from studying a variety of subjects across
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However, schools need their courses to accomplish a harmony between genders, so they frequently bring down the admissions standards for boys, leaving girls with higher marks out of luck. I wanted my fourth concentration about education in China for women. I started to brainstorm on what to do, the first sketch was having a woman dressed in a Chinese dress holding a baby, she looks like she is making food but she is wearing a graduation cap, around her is words of majors that are mostly ran by men. Then I continue to do research about tradition of the Chinese, and that I wanted to add a dragon in the concentration, I have found that there are meanings behind the Chinese dragons. There are nine Chinese legendary dragons, I have chosen Pi-his, the dragon provider of knowledge, luck and upholds the virtue of finer…show more content…
Yellow symbolized royalty and power of the throne, red is the Chinese national color and represents happiness, beauty, success and good fortune, and the green symbolizes money. After coloring the dragon, I changed the outline of the dragon of each area matches the shade of the dragon rather than leaving the outline as black. The first draft of the baby that she was holding weren’t in a right proportion. So I had to change on how the baby looked like, more proportion and a balance all together. I colored in the baby first before the dress of the woman because I wanted to work around the color of the dragon and the baby to see what color scheme would work for the dress.
That’s when I was struggling on finding the right color scheme because I was stuck on choosing light violet and red for the color of dress. Therefore, I did two finals, one in a light violet dress and another, traditional Chinese red dress to see how the outcome would be. I had a difficult time choosing the right background color, there are many different color scheme that I went to experiment with for the two different color
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