Mayor Ford’s Speech: His Confessions and Mistakes

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has recently become internationally known for his admission to having smoked crack cocaine as well as being the target of many comedians and of much ridicule on a global scale. This began with his confession on November 5, 2013 at a press conference. How could the speech by Rob Ford be read and interpreted differently by two different readers? This speech would be interpreted differently when comparing the reaction of a
Rob Ford supporter to that of an adversary, this difference will be investigated in the three parts of his speech, the apology, Ford’s feelings towards the city, and his plans for the future.
During Mayor Rob Ford’s speech he apologized several times for the mistake he made approximately a year previous to the press conference. This apology was not only made to the city of Toronto but also to his friends and family. However, when considering this apology it is important to reflect on different ways in which it could be viewed by people. Many of Rob
Ford’s supporters would see it as him taking responsibility for his actions and being a positive influence towards many people who have not admitted their fault while seeing his words as being sincere. On the other hand, Ford’s adversaries could view the apology as being an attempt to minimize the damage caused by the supposed video showing Ford committing the crime. To properly understand these two points of view it is important to consider the words in Ford’s message and the way in which

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