Mba Programme : A Different Experience For Me

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Introduction The MBA programme was a different experience for me, it was entirely different from what I was used to. As I’m from Sri Lanka, moving to a new country to do a master’s degree was an exciting prospect and I was looking forward to it with much interest. Although I’m from an IT background with and internship, I was always interested and eager to learn about the business world. Initially I was nervous because I was anticipating that most of my colleagues would be from highly experienced backgrounds. During the orientation, I met my future colleagues who would be in my cohort, and then we were combined with the rest of the cohort for the first semester. As I got to know my new colleagues that most of them were around my age and few …show more content…

By analysing that I was able to learn more about myself and more importantly learn to create a better response to handle a similar situation. I’m usually vocal with my friends (Mentioned in ppd) but in the workshop I was incredibility quiet, I believe this was my nervousness beginning to control me, during the scenarios created by the module leaders many of the colleagues were able to discuss about the situation. Initially I didn’t speak due to the nervousness but I went away soon as I got to know the new people in the group. The reason I was so quiet was I could not find the discussion very interesting or productive, as mentioned in the portfolio on of the first discussion topics was about the seating arrangements. ‘Iceberg theory or principle’ stated that most of the information is hidden below the surface (NHS, n.d.), I believe that the workshops intent was for us to discuss these issues. During the smaller group discussion, I was able to turn the discussion towards these issues. One of the main topics we discussion was about handling disappointment. This point important to me as I feeling the workshop wouldn’t be as productive as I expected. I wanted to see beyond the conflict that I had created in my mind about the workshop. I began by think the exact reason I was disappointed by the workshop, and one reason loomed and it was the topics. I have to mention that

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