Mcdonald 's And Obesity : A Big Part On Why Americans Are Obese

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Summary: The case study on McDonald’s and obesity discusses how McDonald’s is a big part on why Americans are obese. McDonald’s is the most famous, successful fast food restaurant not only in the United States, but worldwide. This is because McDonald’s is convenient, affordable, fast, and located literally everywhere. Many individuals blame McDonald’s for being the ultimate cause of obesity in the United States. This is because McDonald’s targets young children by creating the happy meals and adding a little toy. McDonald’s also uses Ronald McDonald in order to be used in advertising and for Ronald to engage with the consumers. This article also discusses the changes that many other countries around the world are making to stop serving …show more content…

McDonald’s added some healthy alternatives to the menu such as, porridge, smoothies, and chicken wraps. With that being said, the purpose of this article is that McDonald’s is one reason why obesity is increasing in the United States, especially in children. Many countries are taking action, and now it is time for the United States to take action.
McDonald’s and Obesity:
The fast food restaurant industry is one of the largest profits in the economy. The obesity epidemic Americans face today is a rising problem that moves more than half of the population in the United States. With growing physique sizes and serious medical problems connected with obesity, it is a problem that needs to be talked about and improved within the health department and fast food restaurants. No one would dispute that obesity, specifically in children, is not a problem. On the other hand, the source of childhood obesity is profoundly debated (Molly, 2010). Society claims that fast-food restaurants are to fault, especially McDonald’s, which is the most growing fast-food chain that is not only national, but international. McDonald’s has been under pressure regarding their menu for many years, due to the fact of how unhealthy it is and how it is a huge risk factor for children. There have been many debates whether McDonald’s is responsible in childhood obesity or not. Many sources, including the

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