Mcdonald's A Fast Food Chain

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McDonald’s Corporation is a multinational fast-food chain, established on 15 May, 1940 in San Bernardino, California, U.S.A. McDonald’s is well-known for their production of burgers in the fast food industry and are substantial players of delivering quick, reliable and convenient service to consumers. Since then, McDonald’s has been very successful in expanding its “Golden Arch” logo and methodology worldwide. Furthermore, McDonald’s is a dominant figure in the development of globalisation and has made an impact on food culture globally. McDonald’s menu expanded from cheeseburgers, French fries to include coffee, fruits, salads and wraps in response to target other consumers other than children and teenagers. They have been hugely successful for their spread of franchisees across the world. In addition, McDonald’s also aims to be sustainable economically, environmentally and socially across the world. It intends to achieve these three aims by implementing changes to its work ethics, suppliers and shareholders. However, in every success there are always criticisms. McDonald’s is often criticised for the food and its business practices, all of these factored into the health and wellbeing of every customer domestically and internationally.
As there are researches and case studies out there focusing on the meat quality of McDonald’s burgers et cetera, very few talked about the other items that are included in McDonald’s menu such as coffee. Coffee remains to be a beneficial
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