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What Values Mean to Me Values are what make you the person you are. Not many people are able to realize what their values mean to them. I know that my values contribute to how I act and what I believe in. I find that religion,life with meaning and purpose, and marriage, makes me continue to try my best and know I am going to go far some day. My family supports me and knows that if I live life with meaning I will accomplish big things. With family comes with a family of my own. A strong marriage is the start. Having a strong marriage means less fighting. Having God as a person to live by is what keeps me going in life. I make mistakes, I have lied, I have done something that I am not supposed to but I know that God will forgive me. He …show more content…

I would go to school, then practice, homework, and dinner. On a game night we would not even have dinner together. We would get home and go to sleep. During the season, we would always spend the whole weekend together. We would go on walks, see a movie, go to dinner, play games, etc. I really enjoyed the extended hours spent with my family. It showed me that they have my back and are certain that no matter how far apart we are we are always together. A couple years back my stepdad was an investigator. With this job he had to travel all around the country. He would be gone for weeks on end while my mother and I would hold down the house. Although we kind of enjoyed the free time to ourselves, there was always something or someone missing in our lives. After he would get home it still would not be normal. We would then have to reorganize our lives to having him in them. Dinner would be different, conversations would be different, laundry would be different. Even though we had all of our differences, we still acted as one and carried on our lives in a positive way. Along with my parents putting the family first, they also put their marriage a close second behind. No matter how far apart they always make it work. My mom is always at work or at a school function. I am constantly doing extracurricular activities, and my step dad is either working or playing in his band with his friends. All of the chaos the …show more content…

I am thankful that I have a leader that I can cherish and depend on, also known as the Lord. I am thankful that I have a great family that will allow me to fail and still have my back. A family that will cherish the time we have together. I hope to one day have as good of a marriage that my parents have today. I hope we can love God more than each other and be proud of that quality. I am so very thankful to be free and live life the way I choose. My values make me the person I am today and I wouldn’t change them for the

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