Meaning Of Prison Art

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As once said by an inmate at California Institution for Women in Chino, who is serving an eighteen year sentence. “I have albums placed like Tetris pieces in my locker next to a small stack of fabric cubes that once opened reveal sweatshirts. I have learned to fold to unprecedented sizes with precision that any military sergeant would be pleased by” (Cardinale 15). These words stood out to me, because her description put me in the cell with her. Looking into her locker I felt like I was observing the pictures, she was describing. This form of writing is pure talent; she knew what words to choose to capture my attention. As I read how the albums were placed, to the fabric cubes in the locker. It gave it the surreal feeling, that I was the one …show more content…

So the significance can have a different meaning to the audience than to the artist. As in the article by Chris Rutter titled “Color Theory Fundamentals For Digital Photography”, Rutter states: It is easy to take color for granted; after all, it is how we see the world every day. But color plays such an integral part in our emotions and in our perception of a scene that knowledge of the nature of color and how to capture it in your images will give impact and expression to your photography. (Rutter) That is well said, as a society we do take color for granted, because visually it’s in our perception every day. From the natural blue color of the sky in La Palma Prison to Cruz’s Untitled series in blue or black jumpsuits graphical, it’s just a color, but the emotion can be expressed by more than just color. The main difference for the emotion in the La Palma Prison is more focus on the color of emotion, as where Cruz captured the emotion of the judge and the inmate more in the sense of facial emotion, but we can connect the sadness in the color blue of the sky. Someone that’s not paying attention and analyzing it in such a way would not catch this association. As for

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