Measles Outbreak

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My current health issue in an underdeveloped country is the recent measles outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This country is prone to many disease epidemics, as a result of frequent wars, which have resulted in poor health infrastructure and government services. Many people are not able to get access to or afford the proper medical care that they need, and this can contribute to the spreading of the disease. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, measles is often a life-threatening issue, along with occurrences of malaria and cholera. Many additional factors have also led to the large number of people infected, such as shortages of medicine and trained medical staff, the delay in medical relief due to the failure of authorities …show more content…

Children, especially those under the age of five, are at a high risk of contracting the disease, and dying from it. The problem of malnutrition, combined with disease, also increases the death rate. As of November 20, 2015, there have been official reports of 39,619 people infected and 474 deaths. Around 77% of the cases have been children five years old and under, and a large majority of the deaths have been from this age group, as well. The current measles epidemic began in early 2015, and has gone through the end of the year. By late December, the number of new cases was declining and the situation seems to be improving. The government does not appear to have done much to solve the issue, but there are several organizations in the area that are involved in the crisis. They have been working to vaccinate children and treat those who have been infected. Many people and institutions around the world have also donated money in response to the situation. This event is taking place in the former Katanga province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This is a mining region the size of Spain in the southeastern part of the country. It is poor and underdeveloped, with frequent conflicts and clashes between different militant groups. Additionally, Katanga experienced another large measles epidemic in

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