How Is Medea A Tragic Hero

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Euripides’ Medea is a Greek that revolves around Medea and her struggle she has with her husband Jason. P.E Easterling writes an article discussing the huge emphasis on the children in the story and how it impacts the story. Within this article P.E Easterling discusses how Euripides gives a thorough background to make you take Medea seriously, he discusses how she comes to her conclusion to murder her children, and he discusses all the reasons why she would murder her children. All of this is used to establish Medea as a tragic hero. After reading Euripides’ ‘Medea’ and P.E Easterling’s article I have come to agree with the idea that Medea is a tragic hero that leads to her own destruction as well the destruction of her enemies.
P.E Easterling starts off his article bringing up parts within Euripides’ play that provides backup for the story. The first part he uses to provide backup is the idea that the play is a drama, it is not real life. With this argument P.E Easterling wants everyone to know that Euripides wanted everyone to know that this was not completely related to real life, but is altered to suit the needs of the drama. “It is highly unlikely that these respectable ladies of Corinth would really have stood ineffectually by when Medea announced her intention to kill their king and princess and then her own children.” (178). No one would let these actions go by unpunished only in a drama would these actions be justified. P.E Easterling compares Euripides’ version of

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