Medea Is Not A Bad Mother Essay

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Society establishes a set of expectations by which males and females are expected to conduct themselves. For example, a mother is expected to nurture her child, stay at home to take care of her children, be patient, be kind, love unconditionally and to never get angry. If a mother does not live up to these expectations established by society, then that mother is deemed a “bad mother.” Since a mother gives birth to her children and nurtures them, a mother who kills her children is considered to be unredeemably bad. Medea, in the play of the same name, kills her two sons and by societal standards, she would be deemed a bad mother. Contrary to society’s expectations of mothers, I will argue that Medea is not a bad mother. I will do this by proving that: Medea defies the social conventions of motherhood in three ways; she kills her children in order to protect them; and, that she rebels against her husband’s control and male domination by depriving him of his “immortality” by killing his sons and ending his bloodline.
There are three ways in which Medea defies the social conventions of motherhood. Firstly, she does this by not being a stay-at-home mother. Secondly, she demonstrates that she can be powerful as a woman. Thirdly, she is unkind and gets angry. I will elaborate on each of these ways in the paragraphs that follow.
The first way in which Medea challenges the social conventions of motherhood is by defying its conventions. One of the attributes of a social definition

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