Media And Technology : Social Media, And Social Relationships

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As a new generation of students enter college, they will be faced with the daunting task of forming new personal and intrapersonal relationships with a multitude of teachers and classmates while navigating a world reliant on ever-changing forms of technologies; and the applications that come with them to create new interaction. As technology advances, so do the generations that rely on technology to provide interaction, social relationships, and even intimate relationships. As college students begin freshman year, they feel drawn to using their technology to provide that social release. College is viewed as a center for self-help for these students who have the issue of creating their own relationships, so universities have created safe zones and social areas for students to freely interact with each other and try to jumpstart friendships and social interaction. Social media and technology have a lasting effect on how new college students develop and maintain intimate and social relationships. Social media platforms and sites have made it increasingly easier to initiate those relationships and to develop new relationships and interactions as students progress deeper into these sites. When referring to social media, technology, and lack of social interaction all within the same category, one may ask what the relation between these three different things would be. As different as they may seem, they are far more closely related than one would believe. Looking at social media
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