Use Of Technology During High School

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Hamblet argues that students should have assess and learn how to use technology during their time in high school because it could help them adapt faster to the transition from high school to college (56). The high schools that allow students to be hands on with technology give students to be more successful throughout college. In this program we attempt to put work sheets together in order encourage students to use technology. When looking for colleges that they want to attend we assist them by giving them techniques however we attempt to let them navigate the web by themselves so that they could get accustom to researching things without the assistance of anyone else. When students accomplish navigating the web and using technology this component benefits them as well as their family members through their transition to college. Through the discussion that we had in class some of the things that I mentioned previously came to my attention. Also when discussing the article of Intervention of High School Latino Students in Preparing for College: Steps for Consideration within the group discussions the question of the dream act came up and this is why I consider the readings to be resourceful because they bring up issues that are recently occurring. Undocumented students have now the privilege to pursue an education and these are things that its vital to discuss because as a returning mentor I know that we have had this question asked before. It’s because of these readings
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