Media Destroying Our National Identity Research Paper

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The Media: Friend or Foe to Our National Identity?
The Debate| Aidan Michael | Wed 24 Feb, 10 AM AEST
For many years the media has been destroying our national identity by portraying us as bigots and lower class clowns without any knowledge.
You might disagree with this, as the majority of Australian’s describe our identity as compassionate and true mateship. Although, really the media portrays our national identity as a multicultural mix-mash of the British, frequently racist and low class stereotypes. The media has always done this as they only show on screen drug scandals, racism, violence and stereotypical baloney which apparently describes us Australians. We don’t just see this, the whole world does. I don’t think we all want to live in a country that represents us as bigots, do you?

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For a long time, Australia has been known as a multi-cultural country which was intended to have a positive impact for us, showing other countries that we are a country of freedom. Well, the media shows Australia as the opposite by showing multi-culturalism as a massive fraud as Australia doesn’t have its own national or cultural identity, it is fake as McDonald’s cheese. The media is destroying our national identity and argues about us having either a British or a multicultural
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According to there is a 97% rate of Aboriginal people who experience racism, which then follows through to politics. Most politicians in Australia all consolidate the least important facts of racism, and their most common response is, “I don’t believe that racism is at work in Australia”, quoted by Kevin Rudd back in 2010. If the media is showing ‘the truth’, then do they need to
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