Media Has Always Played A Vital Role In Our Lives. It Affects

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Media has always played a vital role in our lives. It affects what we think, what we eat, where we live, and so on. The flow of information is important in shaping how we view the world in which we live in. But, in order for us to better understand the complex relationship between society and media, we must first analyze the main theories of media. By examining narrative, semiotics, framing, agenda setting and gate keeping, we will develop a better understanding of how media has shaped our culture, value, and ideas. In a society dominated by constant access to media, our view of the world is increasingly influenced by narrative. Whether through print, film, or social media these outlets tell us stories about who we are and the society we …show more content…

The stereotypes of race allow the audience to adopt a narrative based on emotion and cultural experiences which undermine the factual basis of the event and leads to manipulation of the narrative. Semiotics focuses on signs and their meanings within a culture or society. A sign is something that has meaning, but can also mean something else, so essentially a sign is anything that can suggest meaning. Words, pictures, fashion and even where you’re from can all be considered a sign, in that they express meaning. Interpreting media is about understanding the signs that media creates and and how they give significance to things and communicate those values to someone else (Berger, 2012, p.10). Our emotions and actions are controlled by a set of cultural messages and relies on our ability to interpret them unconsciously. In our everyday lives we need to understand the perspective in which a sign is communicated in order to recognize its true meaning and react accordingly. Media has always influenced the emotion of society on topics relevant to the times. Whether its sports, politics, or coverage of foreign wars, media distributes info that fills our society. Semiotics affects the media because no matter how much media adapts; individuals still need to be able to comprehend what they find in media as a symbol of the world around them. The countless frameworks of

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