Media Impact On Social Media

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Social Media had significant impact on the political field. In this era when the public time and attention is increasingly directed toward platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, scholars are seeking to evaluate the still emerging relationship between social media and public engagement (Journalist's Resource). During the era where there was no technology available was only based on speeches. For example, the era of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, the only way they were able to give speeches was on a podium. These emerging modes of participation might be as exceptional as the traditional offline modes of participation that are an important resort for politically active social media users to coordinate political action and to express political views. Political expression on social media has been found to positively influence other political behaviors such as traditional types of political participation, including political mobilization and electoral campaigning. Therefore, the use of social media platforms for political expression has added a new layer to the study of the political discussion. Some people even have characterized social media sites such has Facebook, Instagram and twitter more valuable to large group communication platforms. These studies have described the different communication processes and dynamics that take place on the social media sites as similar to larger online communities and groups. Because of the expansion of the media it has

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