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Thapa5 Anuka Thapa Professor Sherry Sharifian Government -2305-71433 10/25/2017 Social media and elected leaders Social media has become one of the most essential parts in human life in order to communicate with friends, families, relatives and society. The development of nations depends upon the way of how people use the social media. A part from local people even government are taking media as one of the major factors to put their serious and important notice of day to day activities through social media and let local people know what is going on in country. Whenever we read, see or listen to social media we can see the active participation of elected leaders in social media. I personally believe that, social media is one of the best forums for elected leaders. We the local people elect government representatives in order to speak in our favor. We use to have a hope from the leaders that they speak for our benefits, our needs and for the development of countries. While talking about communication, it has been ever easier for us to communicate because of modern technology that’s what an ever easier social media. We can directly communicate with the political leaders through email, Facebook pages and also can tweet at them through Twitter. As communication is a two way process, whenever we, local people try to communicate with political leaders it is their big responsibility to communicate back with us and keep in touch with every individuals as far as possible. It is the

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