Media Influence On America

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In modern day United States, the media is a huge pool of information that is always apparent. Almost every household in America has a television; hundreds of channels on the television are mainly news, local or national such as Good morning Colorado, Good morning America, and World News Tonight, even talk shows such as Late Night w/Jimmy Fallon are fueled by the media. The media has always been around, but it did not start to spark up until the mid 1900's during WWII. During World War Two, the government actually encouraged citizens to give metal materials, clothes, food, and even excess fat from cooking to them in order to make supplies for their troops. The government went as far as to ask people to make "Victory" gardens in which they can pick fresh fruits and vegetables from so that their troops could have more rations. …show more content…

By this time, most of America had televisions, the media showed images of police brutality, racial discrimination, and huge protests. By the time an agreement was reached and people of color and different ethnicity were considered equal to the "privileged" white Americans, many people had reason to thank the media for following their protests to the end and admit that if the media was not there, their protests would be like a "bird without wings" meaning useless. Sometimes the media is incorrect, a very reputable source can tell you something but then the information is either false or confusing because many other news sources mention the same thing just with different versions of it. The quote "do not believe everything you hear on the news" is a key example that the reporter in charge of the story is incorrect about the information that they displayed, the journalist may have been either biased or they either made an honest

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