Media Is The Most Influential And Powerful Things We Have Today

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Title: Women And Media

Media is one the most influential and powerful things we have today. Media is use a source of entertainment and even more important as a source of information. For most us media is a constant presence in our lives. Media power is so big that it can influence the way that we behave the way that we think, and that is when media can become extremely problematic. The way the media portrays women can be extremely damaging psychological and the physical well being of women.

Media can be very harmful to the mental health of women. We are exposed to media from a very young age often as children. We often look up to the media to know how we should behave,how we should think and ,what is our place in society, because media especially media in the way of news is often regarded as an all knowing entity that we should all trust. The way that media portrays women is extremely problematic. Women are usually portrayed in series of very harmful stereotypes. That affects the way girls, young women and women generally view themselves in our society, media often portrays women as object to be desired by men. You see in magazines ads books and music. Women should make themselves desirable by men standards, Not many sources of mass media cater to women outside what they can do outside of the male shadow. According to Caroline Heldman Professor of politics at Occidental college ”This type of representation causes women to have a
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