Media Portrayal Of Gender Stereotypes

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Gender stereotyping is usually used in media to improve character traits and create humorous circumstances. When stereotypes are present in popular television shows, audience assume those messages of gender, making it difficult to counter stereotypical behavior. This paper emphasis on gender roles in popular media and it’s important for analysts and educators to identify stereotypical interpretations. Using feminist theory, media depictions can be understood and studied as learning material for helping youth and accept themselves as individuals rather than giving in to societal burden of traditionalism.

Introduction Stereotype is a classification of an individual based on improper information or assumptions. In this 21st century, we claim to have a changed mindset that there is no discrimination between boys and girls. However, if a girl wants to be an engineer or a boy wants to open a beauty salon, we hesitate our inactive mindset by asking them to do what stereotypically a boy or a girl are supposed to do. This shows that discrimination still overcomes and will till human exists. Studies shows that media plays a major role by helping us take various decisions of our lives. Where, stereotyping is also being followed by media. Media presents everything to the common people and effect them. In such case, if media is gender stereotype, we cannot expect our society to be uncaring towards gender. This study is a review of media and
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