Media Vehicle

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Medium • A medium is a carrier and deliverer of advertisements. It is a broad general category of carries such as a Newspaper, T.V, Radio, Internet, Outdoor, Direct mail, etc Media vehicle • A specific medium for the transmission of an advertiser's message. • It is a specific carrier within a media category. So a Discovery would be the category of tv. Many a time a specific programs or section within a medium may be termed as a vehicle (e.g. Star TV, Times of India newspaper, Red fm) Media Vehicle Television Programme (Star TV) Print Publication (Times of India) Radio Programme (Red fm) Outdoor Site (Hajiali road) Internet Portal (Google) Media • Advertising media generally include TV, Radio, newspaper, magazine,…show more content…
Consequently, the large numbers previously achieved through mass-oriented programming dwindled and "narrowcasting" took hold. With narrowcasting the programmer or producer assumes that only a limited number of people or a specific demographic group will be interested in the subject matter of a program. In many ways, this is the essence of cable television's programming strategy. Following the format or characteristics of specialized magazines, a cable television program or channel may emphasize one subject or a few closely related subjects. For example, music television is presented on MTV (Music Television), or Channel V, CMM.ETC, CNN (Cable News Network) offers 24-hour news coverage; ESPN (Entertainment Sports Network) boasts an all sports format; and Star TV, Zee etc, covers the family entertainment segment. Other cable channels feature programming such as shopping, comedy, science-fiction, or programs aimed at specific ethnic or gender groups highly prized by specific advertisers NEW MEDIA Recent technological advances have increased the range of new media available to the advertisers to communicate with their prospects and the consumers. New media allows for far greater level of interactions between the advertiser and the receiver. The new media would include internet and short message service (SMS). New media is different from traditional media on a number of fronts, but the most important being the time that elapses between
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