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In 2006, 18 year old Devin Moore was arrested in Alabama on suspicion of car theft. The police officers brought him into the station and started booking, minute’s later Moore attacked a police officer and fled, he then grabbed the officer’s keys and got in the officers car and fled the scene. Moore had no previous criminal history. Based on the lawsuit against video games companies shortly after this incident Moore had been playing a lot of Grand Theft Auto before the killing (Dakss ). Grand Theft Auto is violent video game that stimulates stealing and killing police officers. Many video game critics blame video games for aggressive behaviors in teenagers. Video games have been a converse topic; many video game critics see gaming as a way …show more content…

Jerkin defends video games and designers. He states that game designers are struggling with their ethical responsible. They are searching for ways to empower fantasies that don’t require exploding heads and gushing organs (203).
Jerkin states that video games open up new aesthetic experience and transforms the computer screen into a realm of experimental. But what happens when the violence transforms from the TV and computer screens to real life behaviors? Sternhemier discussed three school shootings in Kentucky, Oregon and Colorado and how in all three cases the shooters loved playing shooting video games. This made it appear that the critic’s predictions about video games were coming true that they were they cause of violent behaviors.
Jerkin believes that the problem with most contemporary video games is not the violence but that they are banal formulaic and predictable (202). But Sternheimer argues that’s video games have come to represent a variety of social anxieties: about youth violence, new computer technology and the apparent decline in the ability of adults to control what young people do and know. Sternheimer points out video games are becoming a major part of many young people’s lives, few of whom will ever become violent, let alone kill. There are many other factors that video games critics should take into consideration when blaming video games for being the cause of aggressive behaviors like

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