Media 's Influence On Politics

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Media and politics are different entities with distinct aim; however, both depend on each other. Politics use media to be known by the public and to advertise their campaigns while media needs politics to inform the public by giving visibility to politics. Media and politics work together and even though they are different, both impact each other . Since politics need media to provide good image and information about them. Media also can use its authority to exploit information on politics; in contrast, politics uses their power to settle barriers on information provided by media. Thus, the role of media can result in bad and good influence in politics.
Media has provided no reliable information about politics to citizens. Sometimes media distort information to get people’s attention or even to get more buyers, but the problems are that it affects the relationship between politics and citizens. For example, one of the reasons for lower turnout comes from negative advertisement presented by media. During the 60’s to up now people stop caring about voting, it happens because conventional wisdom says that “negative ads wins voters .” Another example is if candidate A says that marijuana should be allowed in any state of U.S, the media can distort the information by saying candidate A is a drug dealer. However, what media does do not affect themselves instead help them to gets politics and people’s attention. Moreover, media makes politicians fight against each other by…

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