Mediated Mirror: The Photographic Physiognomy Of Dr Hugh Welch Diamond

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Diamond desired to understand and treat his patients with what he believed was the best care. Of course photography provided a non-restraint way of treating mental illness and that was exactly what excited medical professional during this time. It is unclear, if Diamond had a set of guidance for diagnosis his patients. However, what is known is that Diamond using the patient’s appearance and their background history to make a logical diagnosis. For instance, Diamond photography a patients in four stages recovered process of puerperal mania, in plate 14. This photography is interesting to observant because he slowly transforms the woman physical appearances, so that she can look like an “ideal” healthy woman from society. The woman background …show more content…

She was quite anxious to leave the asylum after being admitted for about six weeks. However, she was played to work in the needlework as way to keep her busy. She is wearing her plain dress yet is covered with a blanket. Historian Sharrona Pearl wrote Through a Mediated Mirror: The Photographic Physiognomy of Dr Hugh Welch Diamond, which closely analyzes every feature of Diamonds photography’s. She strongly believed that the photography’s were staged and had several problems that give an insight to Diamond reasoning. For stance the blanket or a shawl has a representation of a salvation or rescue feeling. Blankets were also a sign to cover nakedness or bad hygiene smell. The messy hair was associated with mental illness. Most of Diamonds photography’s display the patient with a blanket and messy hair. Consequently in the final stage the patient has had a new transformation. It is unclear where the patent got the clothes, shawl and a bonnet, but perhaps neighbors have laid her some clothes. Her undress is different because it has a darker color. She is overall demonstrating a in a better figure then she looked in stage one. Her hands are visible perhaps a sign of cleanness and worthy to be addressed as a lady. Dr. Conlloy mentions afterward, that the woman was release and was in plans to return with her child and her

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