Mediator As Impartial Third Parties

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Mediators serve as impartial third parties who help settle disputes between people. Their role is to aid in communication between parties seeking a resolution in some matter. To accomplish this, mediators must build credibility with the parties involved in the dispute and must garner confidence in their abilities from those with whom they are working. They are able to achieve this when they demonstrate the expertise necessary to manage the process of communication between the parties and help each understand the other’s position and goals. Mediators gain this proficiency by understanding the complexities that cause conflict. In system level conflict, matters become exacerbated by the number of participants and issues involved. In order to effectively help resolve system level conflict, mediators must understand the individual parts, and how they are interrelated and operating, in order to best serve the collective unit.
Royce Kellogg certainly is culpable for the mess in which he finds himself while Susan Barlow also shares in that responsibility. Neither the client nor the consultant fully understood the effort and level of involvement they needed to provide in order to achieve their goals for this merger. They find themselves in this state because neither have done their part to accomplish what needs to be done. Kellogg had the responsibility to take a leadership role in this transition, yet he seems to have chosen to ignore that fact. He failed to delineate his…

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