Medical Ethical Dilemma

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When dealing with ethical issues within a health facility, there is a group of individuals known as the Ethics Committee. This committee’s responsibility is to “meet free of charge to provide a safe, supportive, confidential forum in which you and others can think through a problem, consider different points of view and sort through options” (Johnson, 2014). Thus, there job is simply to go over all information about a medical ethical dilemma and determine the most reasonable advice to offer, in terms of the situation. Although, they do offer up advice about the ethical dilemma, it is up to the parties involved to determine actions that will be taken after the discussion has concluded. In regard to who the group consists of, it is based upon …show more content…

With cases like this, it is important to take into consideration the effects of the surgery, the likelihood of success with the surgery, and the overall condition of the suffering patient. However, there should also be moral compensation that plays a role and this includes justice and rationality. With all these key factors, one must decide is proceeding with such a risky procedure, if it will benefit the individual or if it will be considered ineffective post-surgery. In this case, the primary focus was her overall state of being, since she is considered mentally retarded. This is seen through statements such as: “Noooo. She—is—not—eligible –because—of—her—quality– of –life—Because—of—her—mental—delays”, “Well, you know a transplant is not forever. She will need another one in twelve years. And then what? And do you have any idea of the medications she will need to take to keep her healthy”, and “These medications she has to take after the transplant, they are very dangerous” (Rivera, 2012). In essence, questions such as these, play a role in determining if an individual is ‘qualified’ in a sense, to undergo such procedures. The reason, is because a person may not be considered successful post-surgery, if that is the case, the procedure may be useless. This can be seen as wasting not only the hospital and insurance company’s money, but also creates stress on the family itself, causes a burden …show more content…

Initially she was released and fine and later readmitted for an infection. Soon after, specifically 24 hours, she was released again. Although the transplant was successful, Amelia still faces health issues post-surgery. In research, I found that since her surgery:
“Amelia goes to a clinic once a week for a checkup and shows no sign of rejecting her new kidney, she is not able to eat on her own (gets nourishment through a tube in her stomach), she needs to take medications to prevent seizures and treat asthma, she is more vulnerable to infections than most people, she is not yet healthy enough to go to school, but she works with a teacher and therapists at home, she does not walk, and she does not speak” (Painter, 2013)
With that, the decision has been made and Amelia is living life. Although it may not be living in the standards of others, she is still able to be a presence to her family and to the world. As she progress in life, all we can do is sit back and watch her progress through life within her own milestones in the care of those whom love

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