Medical Ethics And Health Care

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Health care is always an ever-changing field and embodiment of knowledge with passionate and wise health care professionals who want to make positive differences. There are infinite health care resources to read, understand, and use the valuable information to better the health care environment. Whether health care professionals work in nursing homes, clinics, health centers, hospitals, or outpatient centers it’s a desire to research pertinent websites. The seven websites mentioned are imperative to every health care manager and administrator. There is a constant need to learn and be informed of changes, new laws, codes, and health care education. Many health care websites are very relevant to the growing health care world, but some websites are highly important to health care ethics. One of the websites that pertains to health care ethics is the Institute of Medical Ethics (IME). This website holds a wide variety of medical ethics information ranging from current news, events, and journal stories of right versus wrong and physician stories. This website was designed to improve medical care ethics and discussions of significant issues in the health care profession and around the world. Many topics of research has been covered by (IME) such as, HIV/AIDS, nursing ethics, violence, medical ethics, prolonging life and assisting death. (IME) is a membership organization, conducts teaching and learning worldwide, and holds conferences in the UK. Another health care ethics
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