Swot Analysis : Hospital Organization

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SWOT Analysis Hospitals in today’s world require organizations that have a variety of people on their boards. Hospitals are usually run by administrators, board of directors, and other departments. Each of the many tiers of the hospital organizations has varied goals and achievements that they wish to accomplish. This article is designed to discuss some of the strengths; weakness, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of the hospital organization (Roussel, 2013). Internal and external forces will be discussed as factors of influence upon the decision making body of the hospital. An example of a problem found in many hospitals, the threat of patient falls will be analyzed. This article hopes to give a better picture of hospital organizations,…show more content…
Governmental agencies such as JCAHO monitor the care of the patients from a nursing perspective. Quality of care affects the amount of reimbursement for care given to the hospital (Baernholdt, Jennings, Merwin, & Thornlow, 2010). The neighboring community often times depends on the hospital to meet their needs. The amount of people in a certain location may influence when and where the hospital is built. Competition from other nearby hospitals may be another consideration that influences types of care given in the hospital. External forces can add to the strength of the hospital by providing support and monetary compensation. A hospital, however can be weakened when certain rules are not followed, and the hospital receives a fine. Cultural influences The culture of an organization, especially one such as a hospital that involves a lot of different people and their values can greatly increase or decrease the chance of the success of an organization. The hospital doctors, nurses, and other health care workers greatly influence the care of the patient either positively or negatively. Policies and procedures govern the internal making of the regulatory aspects of the patient care. Following policies is a must, and usually leads to the safety of the patient (Jasper, Kangasniemi, Turunen, & Vaismoradi, 2013). The culture of the nursing staff in particular can help influence the retention of nurses, and
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