Medical Laboratory Technologist Essay

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Medical Laboratory Technologist
Have you ever wondered what a Medical Laboratory Technologist does? Well, a Medical Laboratory Technologist performs essential laboratory testing that is critical to the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. To define the work of a Medical Laboratory Technologist, this paper will discuss the job itself and its working conditions, the skills and schooling needed for success, a salary range and pathways to advance in the field, and the further job opportunities predicted for the career area.
Well, a Medical Laboratory Technologist, also known as clinical laboratory technologists they examine and analyze body fluids and cells. They look for different types of bacteria, parasites, other
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The advancement that medical laboratory technologist the range is $45,700 for staff to $66,500 for managers. “The median annual wages for medical technologists were $53,500 as of May 2008. The highest 10 percent were paid more than $74,690, while the lowest 10 percent were paid less than $36,180. The middle 50 percent were paid between $44,560 and $63,430”. A different branch of medical laboratory technologist has different wages for example: Cytotechnologist in the hospital it $27.55, a private clinic its $28.75, and physician’s office laboratory is $26.24. The benefit of being medical laboratory technologist is.
The job outlook on medical laboratory technologist is it growing very rapidly and excellent job opportunities are very expected. It expected to grow “by 14 percent between 2008 and 2018, faster than the average for all occupations”. But it said “hospitals are expected to continue to be the major employer of clinical laboratory workers, employment is expected also to grow rapidly in medical laboratory, offices of physicians and other ambulatory health care services”. And also their jobs in molecular diagnostics, molecular biotechnology companies, in vitro fertilization laboratories, and research laboratories.
The work of a Medical Laboratory Technologist is very demanding and must be focus at all times in order to get the correct results and complex. Why understanding the aspects of the career mentioned above is important for the
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