Medicare Case Analysis

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Medicare is designed to give people of 65 years of age or older, people who are younger than 65 years of age but have certain disabilities, and people of any age with end stage renal disease, medical coverage. This is funded through the federal government. Medicaid is for low income adults, children, pregnant women, elderly adults, and people with disabilities medical insurance. This is funded jointly by the state and federal government. In the United States, Medicare costs increased by 4.5% in 2015, Medicaid spending increased by 9.7%, private health insurance increased 7.2%, and out of pocket spending increased by 2.6% (NHE fact page, 2017). Virginia has increased in Medicaid costs by 7.78% since 2015 (Medicaid and CHIP in Virginia, …show more content…

A lot of families will turn to take out for dinner because they get home so late. The portion sizes we get at restaurants can feed 2 people but we eat it all because over the years we have adjusted to eating more due to society wanting more for their money. We can even choose to supersize our meals! Lower income families are less educated in knowing how to eat properly and think that it is cheaper to eat unhealthier food options, which it can be. Many more Americans are spending more time in front of the television, cell phone, or tablets (including children), instead of being up and being active. With obesity comes an increase in medication one must take. This means they must visit the doctor more often to make sure the medication is working and check up on their health. It also means more visits to the hospital related to heart disease. Advances in technology have led to increased health care cost. An MRI machine can be so advanced today that it can costs around $8,000 just to have an MRI. Although it is wonderful that we are making so many advances in medical technology, it comes with a price. Providers are also forced to increase their rates due to the rising of costs of well, everything. This means that Medicare/Medicaid must now pay providers more per visit. These costs continue to increase year after year. With the Affordable Care Act, providers had to increase cost by rather large amounts. I use this in my field of study currently. As part of

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