Medicare Levy Budget Case Study

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In 1996 Budget guaranteed the renewal of private health insurance. This was the introduction of the carrot and stick approach, carrot meaning the incentive and stick is the punishment. The carrot was the income-tested rebates on premiums and the stick was the Medicare Levy surcharge. (Boxall &Gillespie, 2013, p. 171).Furthermore, according to the Australian Taxation Office (2016) the Medicare Levy surcharge in 2016 is for singles earning $90,000 or less and $180,000 for families pay no surcharge. At one percent surcharge singles earning between $90,001 -$105,000 and for families $1080,001-$210,00 for families. At one point two-five percent rate singes earning $105,001-$140,000 and families $210,001-$280,000. Finally, at one point five percent
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