Medicare and Medicaide Essay

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Medicare and Medicaid together "are the single biggest contributor to [the United States] long term [budget] deficit." This idea was expressed by President Obama during his 2011 state of the Union Speech. After saying this, the president said that health care costs need to be reduced, including these two services. Medicare and Medicaid are beneficial to those who receive their services, and the criteria for eligibility currently allow many to qualify for either program. This is most likely the cause of the major deficit that the president spoke of. However, downsizing or eliminating these programs to lessen the deficit will affect many people and their ability to receive healthcare.
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Yes Medicare is supposed to be an insurance program that helps the needy aging population. I personally don’t want to strip seniors of their essential benefits, but it is affecting me and my future; with the inevitable raise of taxes, shrinking defense, and squeezing of other domestic spending- everything from the FBI to college aid (Samuelson, 2011, para.1). Many seniors count on these services but we as a nation need to make changes to help the future retirees. According to Samuelson, Obama said we must "win the future," but our massive federal debt will keep growing because, without restraining spending on retirees, there's no path to a balanced budget” (Samuelson, 2011,para.2). This shows true in Medicaid too, “The social safety net [Medicaid] for the growing ranks of poor Americans would be further strained (Samuelson,2011, para.2). It would also be helpful to screen people better so they don’t abuse this system. If Medicaid would verify assets they can weed out the people who don’t deserve these services. This will cut costs by verifying better eligibility, which in turn will be less wasteful. This is all very scary for the future, interest of our country. “From 2012 to 2021… Social Security would rise 27 percent and Medicare, 32 percent”(Samuelson, 2011,sec.3) In my opinion with the higher life expectancy of our nation we need to move the age for Medicare benefits up higher to reflect the increase in life

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