Medication Error

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Chapter 1 : INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF STUDY OVERVIEW OF NURSES RESPONSIBILITY IN MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION Providing care for the patient is the responsibility of nurses. Nurses are the one who are close with patients. They are responsible and accountable to make sure that the treatments and needs of patient are fulfilled. Medication administration is a part of the nurses’ responsibility in order to make sure clients get the correct medication as supposed. Medication administration error is a universal health care concern.Thus the strategy in improving medication administration system is important to enhance safety. The administration of medication by nurses is the final step in a process that involves multiple…show more content…
Through this study, the management team of the hospital may take a serious action to solve the problem arised. Besides that, the nurses may realize the significance of medication administration process to overcome the factors that contribute to medication administration error. Furthermore, nurses need to perform their duty in ethical manner and obey the correct standard procedures as guided by the ministry of health. The function beyond the limit of nursing practice acts or one’s ability is to endanger client’s life will put the nurses open to malpractice suits such medication administration error. Therefore, it is crucial part for nurses to always be aware of entire the medication administration process in order to maintain the safety of the patient. 1.4 RESEARCH OBJECTIVE 1.4.1 General Objective The general objective for this study is to provide reasons about incidence of factors that contribute to medication error among the nurses. This study also helps to determine the barrier towards medication error which can used as guidelines for the nurses to be more caution on certain situation during administering medication with hope it will develop the improvement to medication administration processes. 1.4.2 Specific Objective The specific objectives of conducting this research are: 1) To identify the most factors which contribute to medication error 2) To indicate the relationship between working
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