Medusa Essay

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Medusa was a victim and not a villan. Medusa was not born an ugly, cruel lady with snakes as hair and eyes that turned people into stone, she was cursed. Even worse, Medusa was not punished for her own wrong doing. Medusa’s life was completely changed after something horrific happened to her. In this story, Medusa is not the villian, nor the monster many see her as today. Medusa was a girl who was missunderstood.

Before Medusa became cursed, she was a normal woman who lived in Athens, Greece. She was a very beautiful women and she was aware of that. Medusa was quit a narsissist. She was also Athena’s priestess. Athena was the goddess of wisdom and war. One requirment to be Athena’s priestess was to be a virgin. Although, one day …show more content…

Not only were her looks affected, but she is completely cut off from everyone. Everyone she once knew. She could not look at anyone without turning them into stone. Medusa was issolated to an island where she would be alone. Nobody would want to be with her. Medusa was cursed with deadly snakes as hair. Medusa lost everything, as the result of being raped. In the film, Medusa completely transformed and her entire life was changed. She was afraid and sad. She was now considered a monster and everyone fears her. Athena should not have been so harsh on Medusa. Athena felt betrayed, but it was not Medusa’s fault that she was raped. Medusa’s whole life was now changed forever. In the film, it showed Medusa being alone on her island and people coming to try to chop her head off. Medusa was not a monster. She cannot help but look at people, and what would one expect her to do when she is being attacked for her head. Medusa’s name is occasionaly used to scare children into things. Such as cleaning their room or finsihing their plate. The child’s parents might tell them that Medusa will get him/her if they do not do what the parents want them to. Medusa was not a villian, she was cursed, not evil at heart.

Medusa was a murder victim. Medusa’s head was looked at as a treaured item, her eyes would turn people into stone. Perseus, Zeus’s son, a Greek hero, and a monster slayer was sent on a mission. Perseus’ mission was to chop Medusa’s head off to use her eyes to

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