The Story of Perseus and Medusa

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Perseus is the son of Zeus and Danae, Zeus is a god and Danae is just a human, which makes Perseus a Demigod. Medusa is a beautiful woman but, she has serpents on her head. People turned into stone as soon as they saw Medusa’s face. The story of Perseus and Medusa always interested me. When I saw the sculpture of Perseus holding the head of Medusa and had his sword in the other had I got interested to know more about the story of Perseus and Medusa, I have always heard the story about Perseus and that he killed Medusa but I didn’t know how. I wanted to know more about the story in detail and how Perseus actually killed Medusa without turning into a stone. The sculpture itself looked beautiful, it was carved in Marble.

The artwork is portrayed as a naked man holding the head of Medusa in his left hand and in his right hand he the sword that beheaded Medusa and he were wearing the cap of darkness and the winged sandles. It was all carved in marble. This sculpture was made by Antonio Canova, he was born in Passagno. This marble was carved in Rome in 1804-6. There are many different ways the story of Perseus and Medusa are told. One of the ways that is told is that, Acrisius was the king of Argos, the oracle of Delphi told the king that his daughter Danae’s son will one day kill him. Acrisius couldn’t let that happen. Acrisius was scared, so he deprived his daughter with any possible contact with outside world by, locking her in a bronze tower. The tower only had a small
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