Meeting At The Library Outside Of Class

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6) Describe this team member’s attendance and engagement during planning/work meetings (both in and out-of class). Tanika met for most, but not all, meeting at the library outside of class. She was very engaged during these meetings and gave great verbal advice for our project. Tanika really helped when developing ideas for our project implementation. However, Tanika did not have great attendance or engagement during our HED 491 class. Tanika would show up to 491 and then leave halfway through without telling anyone. If Tanika did miss class, she never communicated that with the group. When Tanika was present in HED 491 she was not eager to work and seemed pre occupied with other things. For example, she was on her phone a lot texting or would get up and leave randomly to talk long phone calls.

7) Describe this team member’s professionalism when interacting with the team, faculty and the campus/community partner. I do not think Tanika was professional at all. Tanika, at time, was very difficult to communicate with. I would send emails, text messages, and even Facebook messages regarding our project and the deadlines we had set. I would constantly ask for everyone’s opinion and ask if they were ok with Stephanie and I changing due dates. Tanika would either respond to my messages by saying, ‘ok,’ or she just wouldn’t reply at all. One specific incident that caught me off guard regarding Tanikas communication skills happened after Thanksgiving break. Stephanie send a

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