Meets Technical Criteria - Low Bid

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Meets technical criteria – Low bid
Price is the most important criterion in this award algorithm. The final decision on the award of the contract is based on price. Technical proposals are evaluated well before reviewing any cost proposals. The technical proposal is reviewed on a pass/fail basis typically. State DOT can also choose direct point scoring or adjectival ratings for the purpose of evaluation. In this case, RFP should mention the minimum score required for the proposal to be considered responsive (GDOT 2012). Technical proposals which meet the minimum proposed requirements are then taken forward and their price proposals for those are opened. The contract is then awarded to the proposer with the lowest price. This algorithm is …show more content…

The project is awarded to the bidder with the highest adjusted score. When the owners’ requirements and expectations can be clearly defined and a number of alternatives are present to fulfil those expectations, an adjusted score algorithm can be used (GDOT 2012).

Weighted Criteria
The weighted criteria algorithm can be more complex to implement and it allows greater flexibility in determining the relative importance of price against other evaluation criteria. Owners can control the relationship between the mathematical outcome and the project requirements with the help of this algorithm (FHWA 2006). The weighted criteria algorithm allows the owner to allocate more weight to an element that is important to achieve project goals (eg. Price on budget sensitive projects). The technical proposal and the price proposal are evaluated individually in this award algorithm. The technical evaluation factors and the price will be assigned weights depending on their importance. The total score of the proposal is calculated by the sum of these evaluations and the project is awarded to the proposal with the highest score.
Quantitative cost – technical tradeoff
Technical proposals and the price proposals are scored in increments and then the difference between these incremental advantages is observed. The highest technical score is divided by the next highest technical score and one is subtracted from it and

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