How to Evaluate an Rfp of Adt System Essay

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You are part of the five-member team responsible for selecting the new admission/discharge/transfer (ADT)/MPI for your facility. You are replacing an existing MPI that no longer meets the needs of your organization. Even more important, in 18 months the MPI will no longer be supported by your vendor. The functional requirements and the request for proposal have been developed. The RFP is due back from the vendors in 1 week. Your facility wants to make the decision about which system to choose within 3 months. Your assignment is to evaluate the RFP’s returned and to develop a plan to guide the team in the evaluation and selection of the final system. Your plan should answer these questions: a) What process(es) will be used to evaluate…show more content…
Summarize the strengths and weaknesses of each proposal and agree back with the project team members responsible for review; 6. Calculate the total cost of each system over a five-year period (cash flow), by year. 7. Have a meeting of the project team or other stakeholders to develop a consensus of the ranking of proposals. 8. Eliminate vendors not worthy of further consideration, communicate and agree with the project sponsor and communicate this to the respective vendors. If vendors are eliminated from the process, due to uncertainty in their offering, be sure to clarify these with the vendor first before proceeding and document the outcomes. 9. Conduct a detailed review of the remaining vendors, this should include all the evaluation criteria developed as part of the evaluation framework in < Request for proposal>, as well as a more detailed review of the functional fit and any other factors that have come to light since. 10. Prepare pricing and scoring schedules and have project team members meet to discuss the scores and agree. Also, confirm the strengths and weaknesses of each proposal. No more than three vendors should still be involved in this process. b) How will you evaluate the RFP’s? The selection of a RFP based on the effectiveness of the proposed solution. The evaluation involves four stages – first, proposals must meet all mandatory requirements; second, proposals are rated according to criteria outlined in

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