Mein Kampf Analysis

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Adolf Hitler’s book Mein Kampf or also known as My Struggle that was published sometime between 1925 and 1927 clearly describes his political viewpoints, moreso on race . His story supposedly is directed on his development of his ideas and the Natzi movement with a mixture of half truths, big lies, scurrilous attacks, and idealistic emotional appeals. Specifically, Hitler highlights the importance of race and explains the struggles occurring in Western Europe at the time. Hitler completely rejects the idea of Marxism and Communism, and opposes the belief that the Bourgeoisie are “oppressors”, as Marx had claimed. Alternatively, Hitler emphasizes on the categorization of people by their race, accentuating the idea that certain physical attributes…show more content…
Hitler states, “It is idle to argue which race or races were the original representative of human culture and hence the real founders of all that we sum up under the word ‘humanity’(Hitler 605). According to himself, the top is a Germanic man with light skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes, known as Aryan. He is stated as the founder of all higher humanity and represents the prototype of all that we understand by the word ‘man’. Hitler disapproved of Marxism because it disregards the idea of nationalism and the importance of race. Through Hitler’s eye, Marxism basically handed the world over to the Jews, in which the Jews would have much control over Europe. In addition, he felt as though Marxism would give the Jews power in order to enslave and destroy people that are not Jewish. Jews contaminated aspects of culture such as art, literature, and theater and they convert these significant elements of society into their own beliefs. Overall, the Jews wanted to eliminate all others and control the Germans for their own gain. It was the battle for world domination; racially, culturally, and politically between the Aryans and the Jews. Hitler wanted to keep the Jews and Aryan separate because he felt as though the Jews were truly evil people and should be eliminated and the Aryans should be kept pure. Mixing between races would lower the quality of the higher race and would cause regression of the
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