Mellow Yellow Is a Story About 2 Who Love and Live for One Another

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Mellow Yellow Story
Mellow Yellow is a love story about Marie-Claire and Conrad Zingg. The two love and live for one another. The story uses the metaphor of traffic lights to illuminate their romance life. A metaphor is a word that compares one thing to another directly without the use of a comparative term. The metaphor of traffic lights has many meanings according to the choice of color. The traffic light has red, amber, and green colors. In the traffic world, red light instructs drivers to stop and in the literary world, the color means danger. Green light is the light that gives the directive to go ahead. It means all is well, and people can continue with their journey. The amber is an order to drivers to get ready because they can …show more content…

In romance, people have to support one another. Couples have to serve as strength for each other. If one partner feels that they cannot make it, the other partner should take it as their duty to give them the energy to continue. Zingg was always there for her partner. He gave her the green light to continue with what she wanted. This serves as a perfect example of the use of metaphor in relation to traffic light. In the story, when either of them faced a difficult situation, one would turn to the other for support and love. The green light in the traffic light gives drivers the order to continue with their journey. It reveals to them that all is well, their safety is a guarantee, and they can now resume. In life, people have to know when to continue and when to stop. However, if one has no support from anybody else, beating the challenges in life becomes difficult. The author said, “Zingg with an affectionate kiss that made Marie smile exclaimed, “Sweetheart you do not have to worry everything is okay.” This shows the reason why the author has used the metaphor of love life to describe their romance.
On the contrary, the author has used the metaphor of traffic lights to show hard times endured by Conrad and Marie. Having a love life is not always smooth. Living together as two people who love one another means combining two different lives, and this remains difficult for people. People are different and have different characters. What one partner loves might

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