Melting Pot In America

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California has continued to be a state for newcomers to come and establish themselves in America. To be a foundation and a way of life, I would call California the melting pot of our melting pot in America. In reviewing California’s history, one can see that California has made great strides towards trying to give the citizens the freedom to sole their own issues. One of these solution brought together by the people of that time was the San Francisco Union Labor Party. In the 1900’s, San Francisco organized what is known today as a labor movement, which was established through the development of the Metropolis of the West. It was clear that California, especially San Francisco, did not experience this slow and steady, but a fast growth towards becoming a metropolitan area; especially during the Gold Rush, many people were came to California in search for gold and new land. Some of those sellers who were lucky enough to have found gold even settled in San Francisco to invest in the open real estate, manufacturing and general trade. The newfound gold, which led new rich settlers to San Francisco, created an abundance of people; and, once there an abundance of people, crime becomes a large possibility. With a growing city, is crucial that the city establish foundations within the city to keep public harmony, especially public safety. As specialists on San Francisco's waterfront, and in her production lines and shops, the best way to win a superior life was to sort out and

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