Memo: Disrespectful In The Workplace

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For the record I’ll read the pertinent parts of the memo. It is alleged you conducted yourself in a disrespectful manner in the workplace, via your work email, violating Department’s Employee Conduct Policy and Procedure (02.01.020), Department’s Use of State Telephones, Fax Machines, Computers Policy and Procedure and the Statewide Personal Use of Office Technology Policy. Specifically, on July 22 20, 2016 you used foul and derogatory language towards a police officer using your State email account.

This is your opportunity to refute this allegation and is your chance to provide an explanation regarding the issue surrounding this meeting. We’re going to ask you some questions, and I’ll remind you to answer them honestly. Failure to be honest …show more content…

[If yes], please explain.

12. Do you understand the inappropriateness of your communication towards the Chief of Police? Y / N

13. Do you understand by using your State of Alaska email you are a representative of the State and your communications represent the State of Alaska? Y / N

14. Do you understand that the Department cannot tolerate incidents of disrespectful behavior in the workplace? Y / N

15. The State of Alaska and DOT&PF have an obligation to provide a respectful workplace free hostile or threatening behavior. What actions will you take to ensure you demonstrate professional and respectful behavior in the future?

Jake, Is there anything else you would like us to know about that incident that hasn’t already been discussed?

[Union], do you have anything you’d like to add?

[Management/HR], do you have anything you’d like to add?

“This concludes our meeting, thank you everyone for taking the time to attend. We will review all of the information available, make a determination on this matter and will get back to you as soon as a decision has been made. The time is ### and the recording is being turned off. Thank

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