When Were You Were Rude And Disrespectful?

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On Friday, November 17, 2017 CRU received a call from Richard Long stating that he had called the local office today, and the person he spoke with was rude, and disrespectful to him. CRU stated that Mr. Long identified the person as a female name Tyler. CRU stated that Mr. Long said the female told him to quit calling there making false reports, that it was being investigated.

Please describe in detail your conversations with Mr. Richard Long on 11/17/17 regarding the CL report in your description, please address the following questions?

1. Regarding your telephone call to Mr. Long on 11/17/17 did you tell him to quit calling in making false reports?
2. Mr. Long stated that you were rude and disrespectful. Were you rude and disrespectful to Mr. Long?
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In your response to the caller, did you take into consideration administrative policy 15.3 which states, “The work of this department will be conducted with respect, concern, and courtesy”? Furthermore, were you aware of subparagraph 1 & 3 of policy 15.3 which states, “Employees shall approach their duties with a positive attitude and constructively support open communication, dedication and compassion”. “Confrontational behavior, harassment, and discrimination are strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Displaying such behavior may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.”?

Pease do not discuss this incident report with anyone outside of management.
Please email your response to APCS Marqus Thurmond by COB Thursday, November 30,
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