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Even though there are many people that deny that the Holocaust happened, Auschwitz is known as the biggest killing concentration camp that has ever existed. If individuals were in a concentration camp life was not easy, one was not treated like a prince or princess. Elie Wiesel says in his book Night “I did not move. What had happened to me? My father had just been struck, before my very eyes, and I had not flickered an eyelid.” Many people were tortured, beaten, and lived miserable lives. Life in a concentration camp was hell for anyone whether one was a guard or a prisoner. Even though many people do not believe that the Holocaust happened, Auschwitz was known as the biggest concentration camp that has ever existed. It is hard to…show more content…
Adolf Hitler commanded his German army (Nazi’s) around to punish/torture the Jews(1). Some of his Nazi’s were SS camp officers.(1) Dr.Mengele was the camp’s doctor.(8) Mengele was known as the Angel of Death.(8) He did experiments with twins; torturing twins and trying different scientific methods such as painful surgery, switching organs, combining them together, and poisoning them.(8) He was also known to rub crushed glass and sandust into open wounds of patients whether they were twins or not. (8) The experience that people had at Auschwitz was frightful.(4) Many people including adults and children were put into gas chambers to suffocate, and stuffed into the crematorium to burn.(4) All of the Jewish slaves there were either worked to death, starved to death, or died of a disease.(4) In September 1941, 850 malnourished and ill prisoners were killed in an experimental gassing.(9) Mass

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