Memory And How We Can Train The Brain

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During the Ted Talk Joshua Foer discussed the topic of memory and how we can train the brain to retain any information we can by using memory palace. He argued that an average person can train their brain to remember and store information into memories more efficiently by using different techniques, which will sharper your brain. People have the capacity to memorize anything in a small amount of time by using different tricks. Also memories are “products of what we originally experience and everything that happens afterwards” (Foer). Foer states that it is not about memorization but remembering topics to topics, which helps connects events and helps people remember things proficiently. In support of his argument Foer tells a story about a study the University of London did of memory champions and how these people with fantastic memorization skills did not have any special abilities or unique brains compared to the average person. However, according to these people they use an ancient technique called memory palace to remember thing rapidly. Memory palace is a technique that helps you memorize things by connecting it to a real life situation or something meaningful. Since we have “exceptional visual and spatial memories” we have the memory palace (Foer). The technique illustrates to us how memory/cognitive processes are influenced by social factors.
Foer gives another story of Ed Cook who teaches him how to remember things fast by populating his palace with crazy, strange

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