Men and women, opposite or not Essay

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Men and Women, Opposite or Not? Why do some fathers still have that masculine belief of their daughters being incapable of achieving what a son would do? As my father’s only daughter, I had to deal with his constant criticism all throughout most of grade school; reminding me of his wish about wanting a son instead of a daughter and how I’ll never succeed in life because girls aren’t capable of much as compared to boys. I could’ve let his words underestimate me, but instead I proved to him that I was capable of succeeding in life by taking on the full plate of both pink and blue. Graduating high school with honors and getting accepted into a four year university was just the first step of my goal to prove to him that girls can maintain …show more content…
A person who has a strong personality can have a sensitive side to them as well, and a person who has an emotional personality can have a brave side to them as well. With an androgynous character, one manages to maintain role latitude between having pink and blue characteristics as they balance them and keep them constantly overlapped. When there are too many roles at one time for an individual or roles are often changing and too many new roles are developing at once, the androgynous level exceeds resulting in a role overload. Having an androgynous character is beneficial because it leads to an identity achieved with the full plate of pink and blue; there is also a broader range of choices and opportunities. There are ten domains used to clarify whether men and women are opposite; when it comes to the physical structure domain, oftentimes we believe that due to a difference in certain body parts such as the genitalia the two genders are opposite, though that is not the case. In the brain structure domain, though men and women have different amounts of matter in their brain size, similarities still exist. The physiological domain explains how although only women have the function of getting pregnant, similarities between female and male organisms exist as well. In the biochemical domain, the difference in chromosomes between men and female display similarities due to the fact their chromosome share traits.

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