Men 's Wearhouse Brand Offers Quality Clothing At Attractive Low Prices

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Men’s Wearhouse Men’s Wearhouse brand offers quality clothing at attractive low prices, while offering great customer service. Men’s Wearhouse is also known for their rented tuxedos and designer brands such as Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, and Lauren by Ralph Lauren, Joseph Abboud and Pronto Uomo suits. They also offer a wide range of men’s casual wear, accessories, and “Big and tall” sizes for men. For the casual male customer, Men’s Wearhouse offers casual sport coats, and blazers that can be combined with an assortment of casual jeans and shirts. Along with a wide variety of men’s wear, Men’s Wearhouse offers services for custom tailoring to satisfy customer’s individual needs, allowing customers to find an extensive range of…show more content…
This company has also expanded their product line by offering high-end designer choices such as Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, and Joseph Abboud; to satisfy the trendy millennial needs. Men 's Wearhouse site is effective promoting their products through suggestive selling. By giving the customer examples of styles that work together, from casual jeans worn with dress shirts and blazer, to suits and formal wear. They also promote their sales by offering “buy one get one free,” “extra 50% off,” and designer suits starting at $279.99, as well as the special starter suit at $199.99. There are related links to “recently viewed and related items,” as well as “bestsellers” that gives the customer a quick link to most popular items. With the examples and suggestions of merchandise that Men’s Wearhouse offers, this website suggestive selling is effective in promoting their product. They also advertise on television, showing the different sales offering on any particular week or month Men’s Wearhouse is trying to focus their advertising and marketing on the domestic as well as the international market. They have an international page that describes how they are willing to take foreign currency with a program called “border free”. They offer the prices of any of their products in the customer’s own currency. The website allows

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