Menarche And Menopause

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Women who were the most dormant segment of the Indian population have now become active participants in all aspects of life (Gyan, 2015). She bear’s a special gift of bearing, rearing children. The major concern in woman’s life is reproductive health and they need enormous attention. Menarche and menopause are the two important phase of the reproductive cycle. The menopause is a time in women’s life when the reproductive capacity ceases. In menopause, the post-menopausal stage is the time next to menopause and peri-menopausal is the stage during which menopausal changes occur (Pillitteri,1999).
In early menopausal transition, estrogen levels are generally normal or even slightly increased; the level of follicle-stimulating hormone begins to elevate but is generally in the normal range (Deborah Grady, 2006). The women, in the transition to menopause, may experience vasomotor, psychosomatic, urogenital, psychological symptoms, and increased the tendency to obesity, as well as sexual dysfunction. The prevalence of these symptoms linked to menopause different across ethnic, socioeconomic groups and between urban and rural women (Das Gupta, et al. 2009). These symptoms are due to the …show more content…

A sample of 1730 randomly selected women the age group is 35-64 years, based on the date of late menses women were defined as post-menopausal (n=696), peri-menopausal (n=183) or pre-menopausal (n=659). The results showed that post-menopausal women had significantly higher age-adjusted levels of total cholesterol [6.0mmol/L in post menopause vs 5.7mmol/L in pre-menopause, ps Institute for Social and Economic Change. The investigators have an opportunity to address health problem and measures with postmenopausal women and encourage healthy dietary

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