Mental Disorders In The Film Silver Linings Playbook

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Film portrayals of the mentally ill, have contributed to the stigma faced by people with these conditions. Films tend to create and reinforce the same certain stereotypes of the mentally ill. The film Silver Linings Playbook, is a refreshing departure from from this pattern. Exaggerated cinematic portrayals have largely bypassed mental illnesses , such as; Bipolar disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression, etc. This film Silver LInings PLaybook, accurately depicts these common disorders among several characters in this film. The three main characters that blatantly show this depiction, are; Pat, Tiffany, and Pat’s best friend Danny Mcdaniels.
Pat is the main character in this film adaptation. The film takes the audience through Pat’s life and his denial and struggle with a mental illness. The movie starts with Pat leaving a mental rehabilitation center, for his mother got a signing from the court to bring Pat back home after eight months. It is later shown in this film, as to why Pat was committed into this hospital, for Pat had an outburst when he had found his wife having an affair and then was later diagnosed with Undiagnosed Bipolar Disorder. Although Pat is the one struggling with bipolar, his whole family is there riding along working against this, with there own issues a well. One particular scene, that was very well constructed, is where Pat has a Bipolar mania episode at three in the morning, searching for his wedding video. As a

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